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Visualization and Video Analysis
Chair: John Hart , Washington State University
Color Super-Histograms for Video Representation: Preliminary Research and Findings
A novel method for computing super-histograms to represent video segments. The underlying assumption is that a TV program has a consistent color palette, which can be derived as a family of merged individual-shot histograms.
Jacquelyn Martino
Philips Research, USA
345 Scarborough Road
Briarcliff, New York 10510 USA
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 USA

Image Re-Composer
A post-production tool for refining images according to compositions derived from well-composed pictures such as art masterpieces.
Shoji Tanaka
ATR Media Integration & Communications Labs.
2-2 Hikaridai Seika-cho
Kyoto 619-0288 JAPAN
Which Way Is the Flow?
This new method for highlighting flow direction in LIC images gives an intuitive impression of flow direction in the given vector field and reveals saddle points in the flow.
David Kao
NASA Ames Research Center
M/S T27A-2
Moffett Field, California 94035 USA
Video Embodiment -- MovieSpiral: Towards Intuitive/Comprehensive Interfaces for Digital Video Interaction
An attempt to create a body that expresses video content and structure.
Akihito Akutsu
NTT Cyber Space Labs
1-1 Hikari-no-oka
Kanagawa-ken 239-0847 JAPAN

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