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Novel Projection Methods
Chair: Tom Appollini , Harris Corporation
Oblique Projector Rendering onto Planar Surfaces for a Tracked User
When projectors create keystoning, a traditional graphics pipeline with a modified projection matrix and an approximation of the z-buffer can be used to create perspectively correct images for a tracked moving user in CAVE or ImmersaDesk.
Ramesh Raskar
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Sitterson Hall, CB3175
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599 USA
Projecting Computer Graphics on Moving Surfaces: A Simple Calibration and Tracking Method
A simple method of calibrating a camera and a projector so the projected image exactly matches the surface of a moving object. The method is used in the HyperMask system that projects faces on a mask worn by an actor during a performance.
Claudio Pinhanez
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
20 Ames Street, Room E15-368C
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 USA
Head-Mounted Projector
A head-mounted projector that uses X'tal Vision (Crystal Vision) technology, a projection-based augmented-reality system composed of a projector with a small iris and a retroreflective screen.
Masahiko Inami
The University of Tokyo
Tachi Lab MEIP
School of Engineering
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo 113-8656 JAPAN

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