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Looking Death in the Face
Chair: Steve Goldberg , Disney Feature Animation
A Ghostly Figure Rising Out of an Evil, Dark Bog: The Making of The Wraith from "The Mummy"
Animation of "The Wraith" was a collaboration completed by a team of character animators and technical directors in a rather unusual way, due to ILM's structure.
David Horsley
Jenn Emberly

Industrial Light & Magic
PO Box 2459
San Rafael, California 94912 USA
Creating Digital Corpses for "The Mummy"
Industrial Light & Magic was given the task of bringing the title character to life in various stages of reincarnation, from walking skeleton to full human form and all the steps along the way. The key challenge required digital recreation of an actor, inside and out, that had the look and performance of real human bone, tissue, skin, and body mechanics.
Catherine Craig
James Doherty
Rick Grandy

Industrial Light & Magic
PO Box 2459
San Rafael, California 94912 USA
The Haunting -- Select Visual Effects
This sketch analyzed two scenes from "The Haunting." In one scene, the heroine combs her hair in front of a mirror and watches in horror as her hair takes on a life of its own. In the second scene, the sleeping heroine drifts into sleep in a giant antique bed as a ghost child enters through the window.
Craig Hayes
Tippett Studio
2741 Tenth Street
Berkeley, California 94710 USA

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