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Interacting with Data
Chair: Richard Kidd , Sony Pictures Imageworks

LiveWeb: Visualizing Live User Activities on the Web
LiveWeb uses Web-site structure and live-access data to visualize user presence and activities. It aims to foster a sense of community and enable unplanned interaction among Web users.
Rebecca Xiong
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
305 Memorial Drive
Room 616C
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 USA
Stereo Analyst: Visualizing Large Stereoscopic Imagery in Real-Time
Stereo Analyst visualizes stereo-paired imagery in real time and collects 3D features. It is capable of using camera orientation to provide on-the-fly epipolar re- sampling, using OpenGL's coordinate transformation pipeline, and uses a multi-threaded, multi-resolution scheme for imagery and overlayed feature data for real-time navigation.
Jason Rosenberg
Erdas, Inc.
230 Austin Drive
Athens, Georgia 30606 USA

An Interface for Transcribing American Sign Language
A system that facilitates fast transcription of signs that comprise the vocabulary of American Sign Language. This is part of an effort to translate English into the gestures of American Sign Language.
Rosalee Wolfe
DePaul University
School of CTI
243 South Wabash Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60604 USA

OpenGL Texture-Mapping With Very Large Datasets and Multi-Resolution Tiles
On OpenGL systems without the "clipmap" extension, a tiled approach can be used to provide the correct resolution image data for different parts of a 3D visualization, where very large texture-maps are desired. The application, called "EarthView" is a planetary browser, which can be used to view arbitrary amounts of geo-referenced image and terrain elevation data.
Paul Hansen
2011 North Shoreline Boulevard 42M-945
Mountain View, California 94043 USA

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