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Non-Realtime Rendering
Chair: Brian Wyvill , Imagis GRAVIR/IMAG
The Morphological Cross-Dissolve
An operator that blends two binary or greyscale images. Using operators from mathematical morphology, shapes in the source image expand or contract until the target image is obtained.
Kevin Novins
University of Otago
Department of Computer Science
P.O. Box 56

The Holodeck Interactive Ray Cache
A physically based rendering method for interactive walk-throughs of complicated environments with general reflectance properties. The implementation utilizes parallel processing and 3D rendering hardware to accelerate the computation.
Greg Larson
1200 Dartmouth Street
Apartment C
Albany, California 94706 USA
Interactive Rendering with Arbitrary BRDFs using Separable Approximations
A separable decomposition of bi- directional reflectance distributions implements arbitrary reflectances from point sources on existing graphics hardware.
Jan Kautz
University of Waterloo
350 Columbia Street West, 17B
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 6E9

Filtered Noise and the Fourth Dimension
How can we generate filtered noise without artifacts and as quickly as possible? A surprising answer emerges from the geometry of packing spheres in four dimensions.
Geoff Wyvill
University of Otago
Department of Computer Science
523 Castle Street Box 56

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