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Haptic Feedback Techniques
Chair: Andrew Glassner , Microsoft Research
Representation of the Tactile Surface Texture of an Object Using a Force-Feedback System
By alternating dynamic frictional resistance coefficients at a high frequency, "rough" or "sticky" surface textures of a 3D object can be simulated using a force-feedback system.
Teruaki Iinuma
Dai-Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd.
Daimachi 6-10
Ichigaya Shinjuku-Ku
Tokyo 162-0066 JAPAN
Interactive Haptic Modeling of Tensegrities and Network Structures
This integration of haptics with a reach-in environment for dextrous work with virtual objects includes approximation techniques for interactive modeling of deformable objects, specifically tensegrity structures.
Martin Brady
2065 Rolling Hills Drive
Morgan Hill, California 95037 USA
Tangible Modeling System
In this newly developed 3D CAD system, designers can directly manipulate and paint design objects as if they were real mock-ups.
Ken-ichi Kameyama
1 Komukaitoshiba-cho,
Kawasaki 210-8582 JAPAN

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