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Art Before Technology or Technology Before Art? That is the Question!
AnimAction instructors introduced attendees to the classical animation process, stressing the importance of the basics and illustrating how a solid foundation in the art of animation supports creation and teaching.
Clifford Cohen
AnimAction, Inc.
415 South Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Suite 193
Topanga, California 90290 USA

Teaching & Creating Animatics
This hands-on workshop guided educators and students through the process of making an animatic, a standard tool for checking visual continuity and timing.
Jim Keeshen
Animatics, Inc.
1950 Sawtelle Boulevard, #220
Los Angeles, California 90025 USA

Hands-On Universe: Teaching Astronomy With Java-Based Image Processing Tools
(See also Playground)
Observational astronomy introduces the concepts of image processing, visualization, and computer graphics to high school students. This workshop focused on the Web-based tools that students use to manipulate and analyze astronomical images.
Carl Pennypacker
John Refling

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2150 Oxford Street, Suite #21
Berkeley, California 94704 USA

Why is the Mona Lisa Smiling?
(See also Playground; Classroom)
How a multidisciplinary, inquiry-driven international collaborative Internet project developed by US high school seniors and their partners in Sweden uses the unique research, multimedia, and interactive capacities of the Internet to shape specific constructivist learning experiences. (A ThinkQuest project.)
Steve Feld
John F. Kennedy High School
99 Terrace View Avenue
Bronx, New York 10463 USA

Visual Effects Through Adaptive Technologies
Wheelchair-bound animators are logical candidates for animation studios looking for employees with aptitude and drive. This workshop introduced the input devices and software that can make a career in computer animation possible for differently abled computer users.
Mike Amron
Digital Effects Artist
4071 Lyceum Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90066 USA

When Children Draw in 3D
(See also Playground; Classroom)
Computers illustrate a student animation project that used drawings to create models and textures of characters and scenery in children's stories.
Katiuska Varela
Independent Artist
Calle Semprun
Qta OLIM Sta Monica
Caracas, Venezuela

The Interactive Learning Environment
(See also Playground)
How the Interactive Learning Environment can be integrated into classrooms. Attendees used ILE as a fourth grader would to study California life in the late 1800s, then applied their learning to classroom-like discussions with each other and the workshop instructor.
Stephen Detwiler
California State University, Chico
1163 East 8th Street
Chico, California 95928 USA
Jonathan Hendryx
Arizona State University
Elizabeth Padilla
California State University, Chico

Developing Creativity: A Curriculum Based on the Use of Computer Graphics Technology
(See also Playground; Classroom)
A curriculum that unleashes students' creative potential with state-of-the-art computer graphics technology.
Jeremy Sutton
245 Everett Avenue
Palo Alto, California 94301 USA

Educators Workshop in 3D Computer Graphics
This session introduced students and educators to the world of high-end 3D computer graphics. Using laymen's terms and professional software, they worked through a real-life modeling project.
Raymond Corbett
Side Effects Software Inc.
477 Richmond Street West Suite 1001
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3E7 Canada

Supporting Online Collaborative Communities
(See also Playground)
Demonstration of the Collaboratory Project's MediaSpace and other collaborative environments that establish an easy-to-use, network-based collaborative environment to help organizations share information, resources, and expertise.
Paul Hertz
Northwestern University
The Collaboratory Project
1890 Maple Street, Suite 175
Evanston, Illinois 60201 USA

The Creation of the Nu.M.E. Project
(See also Playground; Classroom)
How to implement a virtual environment for an electronic museum designed as a four-dimensional city. This workshop presented the 4D navigation and graphic processing phase of the project.
Maria Elena Bonfigli
University of Bologna
Antonella Guidazzoli
Interuniversity Supercomputing Center
Via Magnanelli 6/3
Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna) 40033 Italy

Introduction to 3D Concepts for Teachers
A workshop for teachers who find that they want to (or must) include 3D computer graphics in their curriculum and don't know where to start. In a combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on work, the workshop covered the basic concepts of 3D on the computer, with pointers on how to teach them.
Pam Hogarth
Gnomon, Inc.
1015 North Cahuenga Boulevard
Suite 5430i
Hollywood, California 90038 USA

Hands-On Animation
This workshop took educators and students through the process of creating a computer-generated animated character.
Shawn Dunn
Global Education & Training
210 King Street East
Toronto, Ontario M5A 1J7 Canada

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