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Pathways to the Future
The Pathways to the Future Exhibit at SIGGRAPH 99 celebrated SIGGRAPH's 30th year by showcasing organizational activities, as it looks to the future. Here are some of the highlights of this exhibit.
Information About the Organization
SIGGRAPH's mission, purpose, values, and goals, and how to become a SIGGRAPH member.
Volunteer Experiences
SIGGRAPH volunteers recorded their experiences.
SIGGRAPH Fortune Tellers
The winning fortunes from the SIGGRAPH fortune cookie contest.
SIGGRAPH Public Policy Committee
Results of a survey on unsolved problems in computer graphics.
ACM SIGGRAPH Publications
Information on the wide variety of publications in print, video, CD-ROM, slides, and the Publications Outreach program.
SIGGRAPH Small Conferences
Information on the small conferences, workshops, and symposia that are sponsored or co-sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH.
The Story of Computer Graphics
A trailer from this feature-length movie that chronicles the history of computer graphics and animation.
SIGGRAPH/Smithsonian Video Project
The video "Visualizing Science through Computer Graphics," which was created with the Division of Information, Technology, and Society at the Smithsonian Institute.
Envisioning the Future Art Show
This small, focused art show looked toward the future.
SIGGRAPH Special Projects
Examples of recently-funded projects: the Carto project, which integrates computer graphics and spatial data; Electronic Immersions; and Computer Animation from the 1970s.
ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapters
A map of locations of professional chapters worldwide and information on joining a professional chapter near you or starting a new chapter.
SIGGRAPH Educational Activities
A CD of SIGGRAPH educational materials and recommendations for directions in computer education from the Eurographics/SIGGRAPH co-sponsored Computer Graphics and Visualization Education Workshop held in Portugal in July 1999.
Predictions and Suggestions
Predictions for the future of computer graphics or SIGGRAPH, or suggestions to SIGGRAPH on what attendees would like SIGGRAPH to be doing.

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