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Virtual Reality
Randy Pausch
Carnegie Mellon University
Balancing Fusion, Image Depth and Distortion in Stereoscopic Head-Tracked Displays
Zachary Wartell
Larry Hodges
William Ribarsky

Georgia Institute of Technology
Walking > Walking-in-Place > Flying, in Virtual Environments
Martin Usoh
Anthony Steed
Mel Slater

University College London
Kevin Arthur
Mary C. Whitton
Rui Bastos
Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Real-Time Acoustic Modeling for Distributed Virtual Environments
Thomas A. Funkhouser
Patrick Min

Princeton University
Ingrid Carlbom
Bell Labs
Creating a Live Broadcast from a Virtual Environment
Chris Greenhalgh
Steve Benford
Ian Taylor

University of Nottingham
John Bowers
Royal Institute of Technology
Graham Walker
BT Laboratories
John Wyver
Illuminations Television
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