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Research and Development for Film Production
What exactly does it mean to research and develop internal technologies in film production companies? Why are these companies investing in creative technical staff, and how do they manage to push the technical envelope while satisfying concrete production needs?
Beyond the creation of exciting new visuals, production companies also face the challenge of reinventing new production methodologies to better take advantage of the flexibility of digital production infrastructures. The main issue is to find a good balance in this complex alchemy of business, art, and science. Through presentations and discussions, this panel allowed key technologists to share their views on the subject and survey the various philosophies and strategies that they implement to integrate digital technology as a fundamental part of the production process.
Christian Rouet
Lucas Digital Ltd.
Keith Goldfarb
Rhythm & Hues Studios
Ed Leonard
DreamWorks SKG
Darwyn Peachey
Pixar Animation Studios
Ken Pearce
Pacific Data Images
Enrique Santos
Digital Domain
Paul Yanover
Disney Feature Animation
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