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3D Tracking in FX Production:
Blurring the Line Between the Virtual and the Real

We are about to see an explosion of 3D tracking applications and related technologies. This panel revealed how the technology is being used today in film production and looked into the future to predict how its use will increase and expand.
Though its roots go back at least 20 years in image processing techniques, 3D tracking is exerting a very direct impact on today's visual effects industry. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented two Technical Achievement Awards this year to developers (both are on the panel) of 3D tracking technology.
Richard Hollander
Rhythm & Hues Studios
Jacquelyn Ford Morie
Rhythm & Hues Studios
Thaddeus Beier
Hammerhead Productions
Rod G. Bogart
Industrial Light & Magic
Doug Roble
Digital Domain
Arthur Zwern
Geometrix, Inc.
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