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Mixed Reality: Where Real and Virtual Worlds Meet
Ever since Ivan Sutherland's development of the first head-tracked, see-through, head-mounted graphics display, researchers have been exploring the mixture of real and virtual objects. On one end of the spectrum is the real world itself -- seen, heard, and felt without any virtual intervention. On the other end is the fully synthesized virtual world -- theoretically a replacement for the real world, experienced through computer displays. This panel addressed some of the many ways in which virtual and real worlds are being combined in computer user interfaces to create "mixed reality." Topics ranged from augmented reality to augmented virtuality.
Steven Feiner
Columbia University
Henry Fuchs
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Takeo Kanade
Carnegie Mellon University
Gudrun Klinker
Technische Universität München
Paul Milgram
University of Toronto
Hideyuki Tamura
Mixed Reality Systems Laboratory
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