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Digital Watermarking: What Will it Do for Me? And What it Won't!
As the need increases for protection of intellectual property rights and integrity of digital information, digital watermarking has received more and more attention and concern. The first generation of watermarking systems focused on still image and video, in which high redundancy can be used to embed the watermark. But the need for protection goes beyond the image. Now, we face a new challenge, to watermark everything including 3D, holographic graphics, VRML and XML files, and stereo audio.
This panel presented world-class experts in digital watermarking as well as end-users (artists and content providers), who discussed and debated the issues, such as what can be watermarked, how useful is the watermark, and standardization activities.
Jian Zhao
Fraunhofer Center for Research in Computer Graphics, Inc. and MediaSec Technologies LLC
Eckhard Koch
MediaSec Technologies LLC
Joe O'Ruanaidh
Siemens Corporate Research
Minerva Yeung
Intel Corporation
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