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Visual Effects: Incredible Effects vs. Credible Science
Can visual effects balance scientific truthfulness, art, and storytelling? Scientific research, exploration, and journalism have given the public access to an extraordinary amount of information and imagery. The minute our audience says, "I don't believe it," we've lost our credibility and their attention. As a result, directors are holding visual effects supervisors to an even higher standard. The fantastic gains in software and imagery quickly become old news. Digital artists and software developers scramble to deliver a better product.
How should we educate our digital artists to meet the challenge? Should science drive the art of storytelling and film? Is it OK to break the rules of science for creative purposes? The quality of our images has also raised an ethical question in a world drenched with media. The line between journalism and entertainment is blurred. What seems real is not always truthful.
George Suhayda
Sony Pictures Imageworks
William T. Douthitt
National Geographic
Rob Minkoff
Jay Redd

Sony Pictures Imageworks
Syd Mead
Syd Mead Incorporated
Stuart Sumida
California State University, San Bernardino
Bill Westenhofer
Rhythm & Hues Studios
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