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A highly interdisciplinary program that sparks animated discussions and provides thought-provoking insights from some of the top professionals in the interactive and graphics world. Panels explore the art and science of image and interface, and address the technical, practical, aesthetic, and social challenges that we face as we build the future into the next millennium.
Hot Topics in Graphics Hardware
How to Cheat and Get Away With It: What Computer Graphics Can Learn from Perceptual Psychology
CG Crowds: The Emergence of the Digital Extra

Natural and Invisible Human Interfaces

3D Tracking in FX Production: Blurring the Line Between the Virtual and the Real

Research and Development for Film Production

Visualizing Large-Scale Datasets: Challenges and Opportunities

Scene Graph APIs: Wired or Tired?

Get Real! Global Illumination for Film, Broadcast, and Game Production

Experiential Computer Art

Visual Effects: Incredible Effects vs. Credible Science

How SIGGRAPH Research is Utilized in Games

Visual Storytelling

Form and Function of Effects in Animated Films

Digital Watermarking: What Will it Do for Me? And What it Won't!

Mixed Reality: Where Real and Virtual Worlds Meet

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