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Course 38

Haptics: From Basic Principles to Advanced Applications
Level 5
A thorough introduction to haptics: its history, techniques, and recent advances, with a particular emphasis on applications. The first half of the course was a basic introduction to haptic devices, human psychophysics, haptic rendering techniques, and implementation issues. The second half covered several advanced application areas, including assembly and path planning, modeling deformable objects, telemanipulation, scientific applications, and modeling and rendering volumetric objects. The morning and afternoon sessions concluded with hands-on demonstrations.
Ricardo Avila
General Electric Company
Ricardo Avila
General Electric Company
Cagatay Basdogan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Thomas Massie
Dan Staples

SensAble Technologies
Diego Ruspini
Stanford University
Kenneth Salisbury
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Russell Taylor
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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