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Course 36

Physically Based Modeling
Level 6
Physically based modeling has become an important new approach to computer animation and computer graphics modeling. This course was targeted at researchers and implementors who wish to develop a solid understanding of physical methods as applied to animation and modeling. The material was of particular interest to those who wish to implement physically based modeling techniques, and/or to read and critically appraise technical papers in the area.
The primary goal for this course was straightforward: to teach participants to actually do physically based modeling. Bolstered by the extensive course notes, the student with good basic implementation skills was able to implement the techniques presented, not by rote but confidently and with understanding. Course presentations favored visual, spatial explanations (including numerous examples on video) over formal symbol manipulation wherever feasible.
David Baraff
Pixar Animation Studios
Michael Kass
Andrew Witkin

Pixar Animation Studios

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