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Course 3

Introduction to the Java Advanced Imaging API
Level 5
The Java Advanced Imaging API (JAI) is a cross-platform, flexible, extensible toolkit for adding advanced image-processing capabilities to Java applications. It includes features such as tiled images, lazy evaluation, multi-resolution imaging, meta-data handling, andnetwork imaging. This course introduced participants to the imaging capabilities of the Java platform and provided practical examples of how to make use of JAI in their applications.
The three major areas of JAI functionality were described in detail: pixel-based, or "rendered" imaging; resolution- and rendering-independent, or "renderable" imaging; and networked, or "remote" imaging. In each of these areas, participants learned both how to use the standard capabilities of the API and how to write their own extensions. The course included a detailed presentation of an application example.
Daniel Rice
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Thomas DeWeese
Eastman Kodak Company
Daniel Rice
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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