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Course 26

Simulating Nature: From Theory to Application
Level 5
This course imparted a working knowledge of several techniques for simulating natural phenomena. It covered practical aspects, as well as research issues. The presenters provided both a research and production perspective on the difficult task of photo-realistic modeling, rendering, and animation of natural phenomena. Topics included: physics-based approaches for modeling and animating water, waves, and oceanscapes; practical application of fluid dynamics for water and gas animation; procedural and physics-based approaches for modeling smoke and steam; procedural volumetric techniques for modeling and animating clouds; grammar-based techniques for modeling plants and plant ecosystems; practical aspects of modeling and rendering rich organic environments; and fractal techniques for simulating mountainous landscapes. The course also featured a concluding panel session in which the speakers discussed research directions, explored unsolved problems, and discussed new trends in simulating natural phenomena.
David Ebert
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
David Ebert
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Nick Foster
Pacific Data Images
F. Kenton Musgrave
Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
University of Calgary
Jerry Tessendorf
Cinesite Visual Effects
Sophie Vincelette
Pixar Animation Studios

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