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Course 25

Advanced RenderMan: Beyond the Companion
Level 8.5
RenderMan has been used by many large and small animation production studios to create high-quality, often photorealistic imagery for television and motion pictures. Much of the power of the system is due to its flexibility and extensibility, which give users the ability to customize the system to fit situations that were not envisioned by the original implementors.
This course went beyond the basics presented in The RenderMan Companion and taught advanced tricks and techniques that are being used (or should be) in late-1990s special effects production. It explored examples of successful animations that have made extensive use of RenderMan features, particularly its Shading Language.
Larry Gritz
Pixar Animation Studios
Tony Apodaca
Ronen Barzel
Larry Gritz

Pixar Animation Studios
Doug Epps
Tippett Studio
Clint Hanson
Sony Pictures Imageworks
Scott Johnston
Fleeting Image Animation, Inc.

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