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Course 19


3D Computer Animation Workshop

Level 0
This hands-on workshop, presented in the Creative Applications Lab: The Digital Cafe, introduced participants to high-end 3D computer animation capabilities. Participants worked in pairs on workstations running one of today's major 3D software packages. The course was divided into four parts, each consisting of a lecture on specific principles of 3D animation, a demonstration of how those principles are implemented on the software being used, and an extended exercise in which participants work at the workstations on a short animation that illustrates those principles.
Michael O'Rourke
Pratt Institute
Michael O'Rourke
Pratt Institute
Animation Assistants
Lauren Carr
Jaewon Chung
Sean Gautreaux
Nicole Goodman
Steve Gressak
Alex Ko
Helen Koo
Unju Lee
Jerome Lin
Gevel Marrero
Mika Matsuura
Bill Sayer
Heather Sinclair
Junghwan Sung
Isabel Veguilla
Hyejung Yoon
Yi-Sul Yoon

Pratt Institute
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