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Course 15

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
Level 0
Learning to draw means learning to see things differently, to see in ways that are not used in ordinary life. Drawing is an active, creative, self-directed process. It slows down close observation and leads to a different way of seeing. Once it's learned, drawing can be used to record what you see, either in reality or in your mind's eye, in a manner not totally unlike the way we can record our thoughts and ideas in words.
In this intensive course, attendees were introduced to the perceptual skills necessary for realistic drawing and for seeing things as they are. The course was especially designed for people who may believe that learning to draw well is possible only for those with inborn talent. For over a decade, Betty Edwards has disproved this widely held belief. Given proper instruction, the basic perceptual skills of drawing can be taught and learned in a short time.
Nahum Gershon
The MITRE Corp.
Betty Edwards
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Inc.
Betty Edwards
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Inc.

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