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Course 14


From Concept to Creation in Two Hours: The Advent of 3D Desktop Publishing
Level 0
Introduction to a powerful new approach to digital 3D modeling. Designers, animators, and artists have the same goal today that they've had for years: to present their inspirations in concrete form. What has changed are the tools. Computer modeling software has evolved into powerful, complex packages now capable of tackling any task. The intuitive, expressive nature of working with one's hands, however, has been left behind. Recent advances in haptics allow people to interface with computers using their sense of touch. Modelers can now quickly and easily create with intuitive digital tools that closely mimic traditional, physical modeling tools. At the same time, advances in rapid prototyping make it easy to "print" physical copies of 3D computer models for evaluation, display, and collaboration. Together, these new capabilities give modelers an unprecedented ability to rapidly express ideas.
Thomas Massie
SensAble Technologies
Marina Hatsopoulos
Z Corporation
Thomas Massie
SensAble Technologies

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