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Career Center Participants

3D Pipeline Corporation
3dfx Interactive, Inc.
5DT (Fifth Dimension Technologies)
Adaptive Media
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Advanced Network and Services
Advanced Rendering Technology
Align Technology, Inc.
American Museum of Natural History
Animasters, Inc.
Apple Computer, Inc.
Applied Computer Solutions
Artisan Creative
Big Idea Productions
Blizzard Entertainment
Boris FX
Boxx Technologies
Centropolis Effects
Cinesite Visual Effects
CYBELIUS Software, Inc.
Digimation, Inc.
Digital Video Art
Digits 'N Art Software inc.
DirecTV, Inc.
DreamWorks Animation
Edge of Reality, Inc.
Education Management Corporation/The Art Insitutes International
Electronic Arts - Tiburon
Ensemble Studios
Evans & Sutherland
General Motors Design Center
Gentle Giant Studios
Geometrix, Inc.
Giant Studios, Inc.
GigaPixel Corporation
GLC Productions
High Voltage Software, Inc.
Hyper tv
IBM (UCLA extension/IBM Media Lab)
ID8 Media
In-Sight Pix
Industrial Light & Magic
Intel Corporation
Jellyvision, Inc.
Junior Net
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
LIPS inc.
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Angeles Times New Media
LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Mainframe Entertainment, Inc.
Manex Entertainment
Manhattan Transfer
MetaCreations Corporation
MetroLight Studios
Midway Games
Mitsubishi Real Time Visualization
Mondo Media
NeoMagic Corporation
Nichimen Graphics
No Prisoners
Nothing Real
NVIDIA Corporation
Odyssey Productions
Ogilvy & Mather
Ollin Studio
Pacific Data Images
Pacific Title Mirage
Paradigm Entertainment
Paraform, Inc.
Philips Design
PixelFusion Ltd.
Play, Incorporated
Polhemus, Inc.
Purdue University
Quantel Inc.
R/Greenberg Associates
Raytech Animation Inc.
Retro Studios, Inc.
Rhythm & Hues Studios
Ringling School of Art & Design
Savannah College of Art and Design
Scientific Placement, Inc.
SensAble Technologies
Sheridan College
Silicon Grail
So! Much Design
Sony Picture Imageworks
Square USA
St. Microelectronics
Stugan and Company, Inc.
Tech BC
The Art Institutes International: The Colorado Institute of Art/ Art Institute International
The Cutting Vision
Toronto Ontario Visual Effects Ind./Spin Prod.
Turbine Entertainment Software
University of Washington
Vancouver Film School
Virtual Technologies, Inc.
Vision Art
VR Telecom
VrooMCom/General Reality
The Walt Disney Company
Warner Bros. Feature Animation
Will Vinton Studios

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