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Art Gallery: technOasis
SIGGRAPH 99 Traveling Art Show
The College of New Jersey
21 February - 28 March 2001
Mississippi State University
Department of Art
27 January - 24 February 2 2000
Santa Monica College Art Gallery
6 November - 3 December 1999
Opening Reception: 5 November, 6 - 8 pm
Sausalito Art Festival
3 - 6 September 1999
After several decades of using digital tools, artists are now using them to create mature yet adventurous work that is attracting serious attention. Digital capabilities are expanding. Experiments are emerging. Aesthetic boundaries are evolving. And new art forms and art media are taking shape. Artists are using off-the-shelf software, writing software for specific artworks, and applying custom software written specifically for them. Digitally influenced artwork is no longer seen as a gimmick, but as hard-hitting content.
The SIGGRAPH 99 Art Gallery: technOasis inspired quiet reflection on these turn-of-the-century artistic developments. The 100+ technOasis artworks included digital paintings, drawings, and photographs; sculpture; installations; Web-based projects; and site-specific works.
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