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Preparation of Video Submissions
Congratulations on the acceptance of your paper. Here is the step-by-step process of paperwork and deadlines for you to follow in order for your video to appear in the Conference Proceedings videotape.
Please complete the following two forms:
The Online Information Form
Print this form and send it with your video. Please submit the online information form as soon as possible so that we can start creating the printed information pamphlet that will accompany the Conference Proceedings videotape.
The Video Copyright Form
Print this form, sign it, and send it with your video. We need to have a signed copy of this copyright release form in order to duplicate the Conference Proceedings videotape. Your videotape needs to arrive at the Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC), Salt Lake City, Utah, USA by Monday, 14 June 1999 for it to appear in the Conference Proceedings videotape.
Individual still images from your video will appear in the information pamphlet accompanying the Conference Proceedings videotape. There will be a video table of contents for the Conference Proceedings videotape, which consists of five-second clips from your video.
It is necessary for you to send us an NTSC videotape. Videos can be received in the following formats (in preference order): DVC Pro, BetacamSP, S-VHS, VHS, and Hi-8mm in NTSC. Please do not send: (Digital Beta or UMATIC) NTSC, (ANY) PAL or (ANY) SECAM Leader Please put 30 seconds of color bars at the front of your video, and if your video includes audio, please put 0dB 1kHz tone with the color bars.
We will replace your title with a recreation of your title to unify the Conference Proceedings videotape.
Your Copyright
We will remove your copyright notice and place an ACM copyright on the composited Conference Proceedings videotape. This will allow you to retain the copyright you may hold with your individual video.
The time allotted each video is limited to four minutes. This includes your titles and credits. If your video is longer than four minutes, it may be edited to four minutes for the Conference Proceedings videotape.
The Video Copyright Form must be printed, signed, and returned with your video submission. If your form does not accompany your video submission, it will NOT appear in the Conference Proceedings videotape.
Audio with your video is encouraged, but if you add any background music, be careful that it is either in the public domain or that you have video copyrights to use the music. You must state this on the copyright form.
A printed information pamphlet is included with the Conference Proceedings videotape. Please complete the Online Information Form and return it as soon as possible and print your information to be submitted with your video.
Thank you for contributing your videotape to the Conference Proceedings videotape.
Robert McDermott
University of Utah
Please send your videotapes to:
Robert McDermott
155 South 1452 East, Room 405
CHPC, University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112 USA
+1.801.585.5366 fax

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