The deadline for proposals was:
10 February 1999
The deadline for final speaker requirements is:
23 June 1999
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This page contains valuable information for those who have received a letter stating that their proposal for a SIGGRAPH 99 Panel has been accepted.  


Contributor Responsibilities
Please remember these important conditions:
1. You must submit final official conference publication materials (150 words of ASCII text and up to two 35mm slides for images to be printed). The deadline for these materials was: 15 March 1999.
Please email text to
Please send 35mm slides (use paper slide mounts labeled "FRONT/TOP") with a cover letter including your SIGGRAPH 99 program name, your submission ID number, and project title to:
Carrie Ewert
SIGGRAPH 99 Publications Coordinator
5475 Mark Dabling Boulevard, Suite 108
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918 USA
+1.719.599.3075 fax
Authors of accepted submissions may submit supplemental material for the Conference Abstracts & Applications CD-ROM. Supplemental material -- images, MPEG and QuickTime animations, etc. -- is intended to enhance the presentation of the submission documented in the print publication. Information on preparing and submitting supplemental material is available online.
2. You must provide a drawing of your intended floorplan including dimensions and traffic flow.
3. You must accept responsibility for travel and housing of staff sufficient to manage your project onsite at SIGGRAPH 99 from Sunday, 8 August through Friday, 13 August.
4. You must accept responsibility for shipping to and from the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) all equipment necessary to operate your project onsite at SIGGRAPH 99. Please insure your shipment while in transit.
5. No contributor-supplied signage, including corporate or donor signage, will be displayed in The Millennium Motel.
6. No contributor will provide literature or handouts, including corporate sales flyers, donor information, or other materials inside The Millennium Motel.
7. Prior to 9 July 1999, you must provide complete information regarding your onsite installation needs including a detailed equipment list (with insurance, rigging, and power requirements), electrical service, lighting/darkness, networking, and furnishings.
If you are unwilling or unable to comply with these conditions, please
contact us immediately.

SIGGRAPH 99 Responsibilities
SIGGRAPH 99 provides the following services to each contributor whose work has been accepted by the Emerging Technologies program:
1. Contributor Recognition including Full Conference registration and official publication of your work.
2. Hotel selection assistance.
3. Donor recognition for your sponsoring companies. Please see the SIGGRAPH 99 Donor Recognition policy.
4. Descriptive signage for your work.
5. At the Los Angeles Convention Center, during the conference, SIGGRAPH 99 provides (provided arrangements have been made and confirmed before 9 July 1999):

Insurance for equipment brought into the convention center (including donated equipment). Please see Insurance Coverage requirements and information.
Floor space, floor covering, and furnishings within an integrated Millennium Motel design
Electrical service and lighting, as appropriate
Standard ethernet connection to GraphicsNet
Student Volunteer assistance

Donor Recognition
SIGGRAPH 99 believes that it is important to thank corporate donors and to make attendees aware of the donors' support of the conference. All recognition offered by SIGGRAPH 99 is to acknowledge and thank donors and does not serve as reimbursement for support or as a trade for registration or access to the conference or specific programs or events in return for donations.
Organizations that loan equipment or donate cash and/or services to SIGGRAPH 99 or to its contributors, prior to or during the conference, are acknowledged as follows:
The name of the donating organization is printed as acknowledgement in the SIGGRAPH 99 Program and Buyer's Guide and on the donor recognition banner (which is hung prominently in the convention center).
Each donor receives a personalized thank-you letter from SIGGRAPH 99 after the conference.
Standard-sized signs, approved and produced by SIGGRAPH 99, may be displayed on donated equipment to acknowledge the use of equipment, at the discretion of the SIGGRAPH 99 Conference Chair.
Possible acknowledgement on the SIGGRAPH 99 Web site.


All of our deadlines between now and the conference are very tight. Please help us by communicating your needs and questions early.
Again, congratulations. We are looking forward to working with you to make The Millennium Motel a success!


Kathryn Saunders
SIGGRAPH 99 Emerging Technologies Chair


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