Content/materials must be received by: 2 June 1999
Online Submission & Authorization Form

Use of the online SIGGRAPH 99 Submission & Authorization Form is required for all programs.
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The CAL is the place where contributors reach out and influence others by sharing their work in a hands-on environment. Where attendees apply newfound knowledge, interact with others who share similar interests, and enhance their conference experience.

Presentation Format | Guidelines for Content
Electronic Submission and Deadline | Contributor Recognition

We encourage CAL submissions from all accepted contributors to any SIGGRAPH 99 program. Use the CAL as an extension of your contributions. Some possibilities include:
Use the CAL to show examples of your work. Host a breakout session after your talk and provide a hands-on demonstration of your material. Provide source code that demonstrates your topic in depth. Make your slides available on the CAL Web site for viewing after your talk.

Use the CAL for breakout sessions following your panel. Put speaker information on the CAL Web site. How about an online, ongoing panel, viewable in the CAL?

Design your course as a hands-on experience. Give homework to your "students" or post information from your course on the CAL Web site so attendees can continue learning after SIGGRAPH 99.

Sketches & Applications
The CAL can be a place to show your project and hold informal breakouts. Submit your demo software and make it available to a wider audience. Collaborate on something new during SIGGRAPH 99 and present an informal sketch in the CAL.

Presentation Format
The CAL encourages contributions in many different formats, including HTML, source code, executables, videotape (NTSC VHS). Desktop machines with a limited suite of software will be available. If you have special needs, please note them in your proposal.

Guidelines for Content
Content for the CAL can include any project in any stage of development. We especially encourage in-depth examples of complicated topics.

Electronic Submission and Deadline
The CAL is open to accepted contributors from other SIGGRAPH 99 programs. All CAL content/materials must be received by 2 June 1999 and must be submitted electronically. After you complete the CAL Submission & Authorization Form, print it and attach it to the submission form you are submitting to a SIGGRAPH 99 program.

Contributor Recognition
Each accepted CAL contributor receives a ribbon and the knowledge that their work is showcased in a premier international event. All other recognition comes from the SIGGRAPH 99 program that accepted the contributor's work. See the section on Contributor Recognition for a summary of what you will receive if your work is accepted by SIGGRAPH 99.
For more information on how to submit your work to SIGGRAPH 99, please:

Go to the main online submission page and sign up for a username and password. Establishing a username and password does not require you to submit anything. It simply gives you easy access to the required online forms and detailed submission requirements. You can use your username and password anytime for unlimited access to all the submission information you need.

Review the submission requirements for the SIGGRAPH 99 programs that interest you.

If you decide to submit your work, complete the required online submission form by the submission deadline.

Gudrun A. Enger
SIGGRAPH 99 Creative Applications Lab Chair
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