Technical Material Sold
After the Conference
SIGGRAPH 98 Conference Proceedings
The permanent record of the technical papers and panels program from SIGGRAPH 98.

SIGGRAPH 98 Proceedings CD-ROM
The electronic version of the conference proceedings, including papers, images, and additional material not found in the printed version including QuickTime movies and extended versions of papers.

SIGGRAPH 98 Conference Proceedings Videotape
Videotape supplements to technical papers and panels.

SIGGRAPH 98 Conference Abstracts & Applications and CD-ROM
The permanent record of images from Digital Pavilions, Educators Program, Enhanced Realities, Interactive Dance Club, Panels, sigKIDS Art, Sketches (Technical; Applications; Art, Design, and Multimedia; and Animation) and the SPACE Electronic Gallery.

SIGGRAPH 98 Electronic Art & Animation Catalog and CD-ROM
Images from The Art Gallery: Touchware, Computer Animation Festival, and sigKIDS Animations.

SIGGRAPH 98 Course Notes CD-ROM
The electronic version of the course notes.

SIGGRAPH 98 Video Review
Animations presented in the Electronic Theater and Animation Theaters.

Seminal Graphics: Pioneering Efforts that Shaped the Field
Significant papers from the past 25 years compiled in one volume to guide and inspire future scholars. The publication covers the areas of visibility, antialiasing, shading, modeling, animation, architecture, rendering from samples, and foundations.

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