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Digital Pavilions: New at SIGGRAPH 98 Better Living Through Networks and Computer Graphics

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10 June 1998

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Ann Kilhoffer

(10 June 1998) At SIGGRAPH 98, the 25th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, 19 -24 July, attendees will see the work of technology visionaries whose goal is to demonstrate better living through networks and computer graphics in the new Digital Pavilions.

"From natural language processing to gesture recognition, the SIGGRAPH 98 Digital Pavilions show attendees how we will soon be able to interact with computerized systems as naturally as with our next door neighbor," said Janet McAndless, SIGGRAPH 98, Emerging Technologies Chair. "For example, families separated by hundreds or thousands of miles can easily converse and visually share experiences using cellular phones you might find on sale in consumer electronics stores this holiday season."

Digital Pavilions is a showcase for applications, installations, and sessions from leading universities and corporate labs that give us a look toward our collaborative future in an increasingly connected world.

Among the Digital Pavilions highlights are:

MicroDisplay Camera Phone: This new cellular phone, from MicroDisplay Corporation, illustrates the convergence in telecommunications, computer, and information technology. It enables users to transfer images such as faxes, photographs, web imagery, or text. Users can also view and send a live video feed using the phone's viewscreen display and built-in camera. Using hand-held devices such as the MicroDisplay phone, families and businesspeople for the first time will be able to share real-time visual experiences.

GestureVR: Gesture Interface to Spatial Reality: Your free moving, gloveless hand is the sole input device in this demonstration of a natural gesture interface to spatial simulations including a 3D representation of Yosemite Valley and ID Software's popular video game "Doom." The novel Hand Gesture Recognition Interface technology, developed at Bell Labs, offers precise control of the viewer's navigation in 3D space or for grasping and moving objects on the screen. The interface makes control of complex actions in 3D space very intuitive and simple and has a very natural feel to the user.

Islands of Adventure in Cyberspace: This project, from the University of Central Florida, demonstrates a series of imaginary experiences based on the Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Florida, which is currently under construction. The project simulates what a typical World Wide Web entertainment experience will be like when our homes are routinely equipped with high-performance 3D graphics and sound capable information systems.

Jennifer James, Celebrity Auto Spokesperson: Jennifer James is a consumer-friendly, intelligent, interactive, virtual 3D character designed to sell cars over the Web. Cast as an ex-NASCAR driver, Jennifer greets visitors at a virtual auto show and engages them in a dynamically customized five- to ten-minute dialog and presentation of available vehicles. She uses natural social dialog to elicit and offer information, with the goal of matching each visitor to a vehicle suited to their lifestyle and preferences. During this process, she works to establish through her dialog, facial expressions, and animated gestures o a relationship on behalf of her sponsor with each visitor. This new generation of interactive characters will provide consumers with a familiar and compelling Web sales experience.

SIGGRAPH 98 is being held 19-24 July, at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. It includes a comprehensive exhibition of products and services for the computer graphics and interactive marketplace 22-23 July.

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