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SIGGRAPH 98 Illustrates a Trend Toward Human-Centered Computing
Interactions Becomes More Meaningful to the Human Experience

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28 May 1998

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Ann Kilhoffer

(May 28, 1998 - Chicago, IL) At SIGGRAPH 98, the 25th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, you will see a trend toward human-centered computing. This year's program brings the image out of the box and off the screen, creating interactions that are more meaningful to the human experience.

"SIGGRAPH 98 showcases the state-of-the-art in rendering, interfaces, and technology expanding into realms where results are becoming more meaningful to the human experience," said Walt Bransford, SIGGRAPH 98 Conference Chair. "Throughout SIGGRAPH 98--in the technical program, and in the art, film and emerging technologies venues--we are seeing an evolution to imagery and interaction which is coming off the screen, out of the box, and towards human-centered qualities where the technology sometimes seems to disappear."

From immersive to ubiquitous computing, from high-end military applications to children's toys, the new generation of computer graphics and interactive applications is about people. Attendees at SIGGRAPH 98 can test-drive experimental applications and experience their advanced interfaces in the Emerging Technologies: Enhanced Realities and Digital Pavilions areas They will be able to explore new frontiers of artmaking, engaging in a variety of electronic art in the Art Gallery: Touchware.

Below are a few examples of the human-centered applications that will be shown in these programs at SIGGRAPH 98:

  Telematic Vision: Telepresence Interactive Installation. Sit on the couch and interact with a friend in a distant geographic location.

  AR2 Hockey: Augmented Reality Air Hockey. Play air-hockey sharing both physical and virtual space with your opponent.

  Swamped! Using Plush Toys to Direct Autonomous Animated Characters. Become an autonomous character in a multi user virtual environment using a stuffed animal as the iconic and tangible interface.

  GestureVR: Gesture Interface to Spatial Reality. Move your gloveless hand as the sole input devise to play popular video game "Doom." The Hand Gesture Recognition Interface technology developed at Bell Labs offers precise control of the viewer's navigation in 3D space or for grasping and moving objects on the screen.

  Jennifer James, Celebrity Auto Spokesperson. Interact with a consumer-friendly, intelligent, interactive, virtual 3D Web character. Using natural social dialog, she elicits and offers information with the goal of matching you to the vehicle suited to your lifestyle.

The trend toward human-centered computing is also evident in the SIGGRAPH 98 Panel and Paper presentations:

  Human Factors in Virtual World Design: Psychological and Sociological Considerations

  Listen Up! Real-Time Auditory Interfaces for the Real World

  Characters on the Internet: The Next Generation

  The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Invoking Ubiquitous Computing for Computer Graphics

  Constellations: A Wide-Range Wireless Motion-Tracking System for Augmented Reality and Virtual Set Applications

  mediaBlocks: Physical Containers, Transports, and Controls for Online Media

Among the 46 Courses at SIGGRAPH 98 will be:

  Applications of Visual Perceptions in Computer Graphics

  Real-Time Graphics for Visual Simulation: Advanced Techniques from the Top Down

  Theory and Practice of "Tour Into the Picture"

 Interactive Visualization and Web-Based Exportation in the Physical and Natural Sciences

SIGGRAPH 98 is being held 19-24 July, at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. A comprehensive exhibition of products and services for the computer graphics and interactive marketplace is 21-23 July.

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