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Fact Sheet SIGGRAPH 98
The World's Premier Computer Graphics Conference & Exhibition

SIGGRAPH 98, the 25th annual international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques, was held in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center, 19-24 July 1998. More than 32,000 professionals explored the latest research, the finest images, the far-out applications, the down-to-earth problem solving, the serious adventures, and the world-class fun of SIGGRAPH 98.

19-24 July 1998

21-23 July 1998

Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, Florida USA

Anticipated Attendance: 30,000
Anticipated Exhibitors: 350

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SIGGRAPH 98 Media Relations
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25th Conference Celebration
Exhibits and events that celebrated the history of SIGGRAPH and computer graphics, and their influence on technology, society, business, applications, education, and aesthetics:

* Video teleconference with panelists at SIGGRAPH 98, the Smithsonian Institution, and the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford, United Kingdom
* Digital Campfire -- informal conversations with luminaries of the community
* Historical displays and exhibits -- hardware, software, and memorabilia
* Classic animations and art
* Collection of computer graphics seminal writings
* 25th Conference Recognition and Celebration Party

Keynote Address
On Wednesday, 22 July, Jim Blinn, Graphics Fellow at Microsoft Research and recipient of the first SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Award, surveyed the computer graphics scene from his unique perspective as a scientist, engineer, artist, and author. Over the past 25 years, his contributions and achievements have exponentially expanded the horizons of computer graphics.

Art Gallery: Touchware
This milestone exhibition chronicled 25 years of computer art from early algorithmic drawings and paintings to modeled figures and "pebble drawings" by pioneering computer artisits. Artistic insights revealed the simultaneity of touch as a sensory experience and the ephemeral experience of being in touch electronically via the Internet. Artworks included digital paintings, drawings, and photographs; interactive installations; tele-performance projects; Web-based creations; and work by some of the earliest pioneers of computer art.

Computer Animation Festival
Animations, performances, and interactions that illustrated computer graphics as product, media, and process. A broad, international selection of this year's most outstanding work was featured in the Animation Theaters as well as in matinée and evening shows of the Electronic Theater. SIGGRAPH 98 also presented two animation events: sigKIDS Theater and, in honor of the 25th conference celebration, Film Show Classics.

Formal instruction in computer graphics theory, mathematics, and applications presented by experts in every aspect of the discipline in three formats: full-day courses, half-day courses, and two-hour tutorials.

Digital Pavilions
Better living through networks and computer graphics: a premier, planet-wide showcase of networked computer applications that demonstrate future (quickly becoming present) ways to communicate, collaborate, and interact.

Educators Program
Computer graphics and interactive techniques in learning environments at all levels, from K-12 through university. For SIGGRAPH 98, the Educators Program expanded to include papers, panels, workshops, and the Electronic Schoolhouse -- a hands-on area where educators exchanged information on how they use computer graphics.

Enhanced Realities
1998's international showcase of innovations that facilitate human/idea/machine interaction. Where computer graphics combined with emerging technologies to create intelligent graphics that can learn, play, assist, and instruct. Where inspired artistic design and unexpected technical breakthroughs pointed the way to a surprising future.

An up-close and hands-on survey of the newest hardware systems, software tools, and creative services from over 350 companies. SIGGRAPH 98 hosted the year's largest, most comprehensive exhibition of products and services for the computer graphics and interactive marketplace, featuring the industry's established leaders and emerging challengers.

Interactive Dance Club
Music and visual media converged to create a new form of interactive entertainment that encourages the audience to influence the music, lighting, and images. A place to hang in the evening, let loose, dance, and play!

This highly interdisciplinary program sparked animated discussions and provided thought-provoking insights from some of the top professionals in the interactive and graphics world. Panels explored the art and science of image and interface, and addressed the technical, practical, aesthetic, and social challenges that we face as we build the future into the next millennium.

The world's most distinguished and respected forum for the latest advances in computer graphics. The Papers jury subjected hundreds of submissions to rigorous selection criteria and selected the most significant and provocative work by an international contingent of scientists, engineers, researchers, and application developers, who presented their achievements at SIGGRAPH 98.

Children, parents, teachers, and communities who have created innovative learning opportunities that excite young minds about the world around them through the art and science of computer graphics. sigKIDS featured three programs: sigKIDS Art, sigKIDS Interactive, and sigKIDS Community.

Lively presentations of interesting new ideas, unique collaborations, late-breaking results, works in progress, and novel applications of computer graphics and interactive techniques. Sketches were presented in four categories: Technical; Art, Design, and Multimedia; Animation; and Applications.

Special Sessions
* History of the Future: the past, present, and future of computer graphics
* Web 3D Round-Up: tomorrow's visions of Web-based virtual reality
* Survival stories from "Titanic"
* The world-famous SIGGRAPH Bowl


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