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Fact Sheet SIGGRAPH 98
25th Conference Celebration Fact Sheet

19-24 July 1998
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, Florida

The 25th SIGGRAPH conference showcased exhibits and events celebrating the history of SIGGRAPH and computer graphics, and their influence on technology, society, business, applications, education, and aesthetics.

"Computer graphics has moved from being a cure to no known disease to being a cure for every known disease," said Carl Machover, Machover Associates Corporation, SIGGRAPH 98 25th Conference Celebration Chair. "The persuasiveness of graphics over the past 25 years in virtually every area of human activity is astonishing. This 25th Conference gives us a chance to demonstrate the paths from the past ... to the present ... and on into the future."

25th Conference Celebration Highlights

25 Years of Discovery

A landmark display chronicled 25 years of SIGGRAPH conferences and computer graphics. This 100-foot time tunnel contained artifacts and memorabilia from 1974 to1998 and showed the influence the technology has had on our world.

Keynote Address

Jim Blinn, Graphics Fellow at Microsoft Research and recipient of the first SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Achievement Award, surveyed the computer graphics scene from his unique perspective as a scientist, engineer, artist, and author. Over the past 25 years, his contributions and achievements have exponentially expanded the horizons of computer graphics.

An International Videoconference: Computer Graphics Pioneers Assess Computer Graphics

Pioneers in Orlando, Washington, D.C., and the United Kingdom discussed computer graphics' most significant contributions over the last 25 years, computer graphics greatest current challenges, and what computer graphics will look like between now and 2023.


Panel Chair
Carl Machover, Machover Associates Corporation

Judith R. Brown, University of Iowa
David Arnold, UEA

At the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.:
Panel Chair
John C. Gebhardt, InterCAP Graphic Systems
At the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Pictureville, Bradford, United Kingdom:
Panel Chair
Phil Willis, University of Bath

Richard A. Guedj, Institut national des Telecommunications
Klaus Kansy, GMD

Hardware Exhibition

An exhibition of equipment from the 60s, 70s, and 80s provided by hardware companies and collectors of historical machinery. An early E&S vector display, the original University of Utah head-mounted display, pioneering work PERQ and TERAK, an early Apple computer, and terminals from Textronics and DEC were among the historical equipment displayed.

Great Labs Exhibit

The Great Labs Exhibit paid tribute to the research facilities that played a significant role in the growth and development of computer graphics and interactive technology. Some of the labs in the exhibit included: University of Utah, Cornell University, Brown University, University of North Carolina, New York Institute of Technology.

Family Tree

Roger W. Webster, Department of Science, Millersville University, constructed a family-tree computer model that traces the roots of 500+ computer graphics PhDs and their professors.

Digital Campfire

The great stories and legends of computer graphics told by the luminaries themselves.

Art Gallery: Touchware

This milestone exhibition chronicled 25 years of computer art form early algorithmic drawings and paintings to modeled figures and "pebble drawings" by pioneering computer artists. The works of 20 pioneering computer artists were shown at SIGGRAPH 98. These artists have participated in and contributed to a number of SIGGRAPH Art Shows and are currently practicing artists.

Computer Animation Festival

In honor of the 25th Conference Celebration, the Computer Animation Festival presented Film Show Classics as part of its repertoire of animations, performances, and interactions that show computer graphics as product, media, and process.

Gallery of Computer Graphics Pioneers

Eighty portraits of computer graphics pioneers with short biographies were displayed as part of the conference celebration.

Seminal Graphics

A collection of computer graphics seminal writings was produced as part of the celebration activities.

25th Conference Recognition Ceremony/25th Conference Celebration Party

Fun and festivities as SIGGRAPH 98 recognized 25 years with a special tribute to the leaders who built the foundation for SIGGRAPH's success and an evening celebration party.

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