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Great Moments in Modeling

by Carl Machover, 25th Conference Celebration Chair


Modeling has always been an enormous part of computer graphics; there has been a great desire to create photorealistic imagery. Over the years we've been able to do it with a wide variety of algorithms that have taken an enormous amount of time due to the performance of the hardware available to us and also the complexity of the software that has been written. In the last decade we've solved essentially both problems; We have created hardware that is much faster and people can begin to do modeling in near real time and we have software that works much closer to the way people expect it to work. Early modeling was almost a mathematical skill and current modeling is much nearer to an artist's and an engineer's vocabulary. There are a number of examples of modeling in our time tunnel.

We have a piece of equipment in our seventies booth that is one of the early pieces of hardware that implemented modeling, called Ikonas.