Call for Participation Main


    Level 2

  • North Side
    • 2 locations at FRONT entrance of EXIBITION (HALL D) [male/female]

    • 2 locations at the REAR exits of EXIBITION (HALL D) [male/female]

    • location in the REAR of EXHIBITION (HALL D) behind LOUNGE and RESTAURANT [male/female]

    • location between COURSE SKETCHES (room 224) and CAL [male/female]

    • location between CAL and BOOK STORE [male/female]

    • location betwwwn HALL E and HALL F [male/female]

    • location by COURSES, SKETCHES (room 240) [male/female]

  • South Side
    • location in REAR of HALL C (behind sigKIDS/Outreach) [male/female]

    • 4 locations at REAR exits of EXIBITION (HALL B) [male/female]

    • location at FRONT of EXHIBTION (HALL B) [male/female]

    • location at FRONT of REGISTRATION (HALL B) [male/female]

    • location by CONFERANCE MANAGEMENT, between the SIGGRAPH STORE and the INTERACTIVE DANCE CLUB [male/female]

  • Main Lobby
    • location by the BAG CHECK [male/female]

    • location by INTERNATIONAL CENTER in the FRONT of HALL C [male/female]

    • location by the MESSAGE CENTER in the FRONT of HALL C [male/female]

    • Level 3

  • North Side
    • location by the COMMUNITY OUTREACH [male/female]

    • loaction by the EDUCATORS PROGRAM LOUNGE [male/female]

  • South Side
    • location by CHILD CARE, across the escalator [male/female]

    • location by COURSES (room 312), across the escalator [male/female]