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T-Shirt Contest
In the SIGGRAPH 98 t-shirt contest, there were five winners from 14 entries. Each winner received a SIGGRAPH 99 t-shirt, badge pouch, pin, and post-it pad.

The "Hello Kitty Award" went to Kaoru Ichioka and Mika Takeuchi for their t-shirt promoting their Japanese language tutoring site. The site was meant to be a "meeting source," and their logo is a picture of a plate of spaghetti and "meat sauce." Their shirt (which also featured cartoon-style, large-eyed characters) was especially appropriate because only the previous day Jim Blinn challenged SIGGRAPH 98 attendees to render spaghetti.

The "Outstanding Achievement in 4D Award" went to the team from DreamWorks Animation. The shirt (Rietman's Rotational Re-Creations) not only had an image of Rietman on it, but also some code, lots of examples of the work, and the words "SIGGRAPH 98 T-Shirt Contest." The entire design worked in 3D with chromo glasses. Designers: Saty Raghavachary and Mary Martin Stratton.

The "Sushi Award" went to Takahiro and Yasuko Uryu from KJC of Kinki University in Japan. A beautifully designed shirt with Kanji characters of fish all over it.

The "Special Achievement in Self-Promotion and Outstanding Chest Hair Award" went to Craig Allen Carpenter for his t-shirt of a character named Bernie that he had designed: a nice large graphic of a tubby man in plaid pants and a tam jamming. He also had pins to hand out and a Web site with the hairy-chested man on it.

The "Special Achievement in Recursivity Award" went to Adoka Niitsu from the Tokyo ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter for a shirt featuring an image of a man running through a circuit board, with a picture of himself on his t-shirt. And the picture of himself was on that t-shirt, and so on into infinity.

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