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Live events, recorded programming, and video coverage of SIGGRAPH 98 broadcast throughout the Orange County Convention Center and beyond. For SIGGRAPH 98, SIGGRAPH TV and SIGGRAPH Online joined forces to create a prototype 21st century "all-media" production facility. Throughout the conference week, this state-of-the-art television studio, production facility, and multimedia broadcast center created and broadcast almost 60 hours of television programming and Internet content.

The facility occupied more than 6,000 square feet and included the very latest in television and Internet hardware and software. The programming created in the facility was broadcast to over 30,000 attendees during SIGGRAPH 98, provided locally to SIGGRAPH 98 shuttle buses, and delivered to 200 million Internet users in over 200 countries through a variety of "streaming" media and Web-based reporting.

A staff of more than 50 producers, editors, scriptwriters, graphic artists, computer administrators, online publishers, and technical personnel was brought together to produce this week-long event. The content included the world's best computer animations, interviews, and daily in-depth coverage of the 25th international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Designed as a showcase of technology, this facility was open to all SIGGRAPH 98 attendees. During production, attendees took self-guided tours through the facility and watched as television content was edited for broadcast and the Internet, and viewed first-hand the equipment used to create the content and manage the process.



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