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Creating Coherence

Jules Bloomenthal
Unchained Geometry

Physics-Model-Based 3D Facial Image Reconstruction from Frontal Images Using Optical Flow

Automatic estimation of facial muscle parameters from optical flow using a neural network. This technique corresponds to 3D facial motion tracking from a 2D image under the physics-model-based constraint.

Shigeo Morishima
Takahiro Ishikawa
Demetri Terzopoulos

Seikei University
3-3-1 Kichijoji-kitamachi
Tokyo 180 Japan

Vector Field Comparisons Using Earth Mover's Distance

A method for computing a quantitative measure of the closeness between vector fields. The method produces feature descriptions that allow for comparisons of vector fields.

Yingmei Lavin
Rajesh Batra
Lambertus Hesselink

Stanford University
143A Escondido Village
Stanford, California 94305 USA

Measuring Volumetric Coherence

In order to achieve a time-critical environment for indirect volume visualization, a cogent measure of the volumetric coherence is devised on the basis of well-known, second-order, gray-level statistics for 2D textures.

Yuriko Takeshima
Issei Fujishiro

Ochanomizu University
Tokyo 112-0012 Japan

Artificial Evolution of Implicit Surfaces

A system that combines implicit surfaces, as modeling primitives, with genetic programming to facilitate automated generation of exceedingly complex models.

Edward J. Bedwell
David S. Ebert

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department
University of Maryland Baltimore County
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, Maryland 21250 USA

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