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Adventures in Moving

Jessica Hodgins
Georgia Institute of Technology

Assisted Articulation of Closed Polygonal Models

A system for automating the correspondence between skeletons and mesh models in articulation of models represented by polygonal meshes.

Marek Teichmann
Seth Teller

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Laboratory for Computer Science
Room NE43-242
545 Technology Square
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 USA

Dynamic Modeling of Human Hair and GUI Based Hair Style Designing System

New methods for dynamic modeling of hair. GUI-based hair-editing tool helps to create any style by manipulating a tuft model. This sketch featured a realistic animation of hair blowing in the wind.

Keisuke Kishi
Shigeo Morishima

Faculty of Engineering
Seikei University
3-3-1 Kichijoji-kitamachi Musashino
Tokyo 180-0001 Japan

Directing Physics

An extension of the traditional world model for physically based animations using a Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm to sample animations that are both physically plausible and satisfy a director's constraints.

Stephen Chenney
EECS Computer Science
University of California at Berkeley
387 Soda Hall, Number 1776
Berkeley, California 94720 USA

Faster Integration of the Equations of Motion

Physical simulation techniques generate realistic motion at a computational price. This sketch examined ways of reducing that cost through the use of leapfrog methods

Breton M. Saunders
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge
Cambridge CB2 3QG United Kingdom

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