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Virtual Reality
Reality ++

Chris Shaw
University of Regina

Star Cursors in Content Space: Abstractions of People and Places

A 3D multi-user virtual world supporting novel, abstract representations for content and users, coupled via models of users' profiles and their social context, envisioned and illustrated by computer prototypes.

P.J. Rankin
Philips Research Laboratories
Redhill, Surrey RH1 5HA
United Kingdom

C. v Heerden
J. Mama
L. Nikolovska
R. den Otter
J. Rutgers

Philips Design
Building HWD-3, P.O. Box 218
5600 MD Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Virtual Reality
A 3D Stereo Window System for Virtual Environments

A 3D stereo window system is being developed for use in a virtual environment. The system allows users to create and interact with objects and scenes in multiple independent, overlapping workspaces.

Michael A. Wingfield
The Mitre Corporation
202 Burlington Road
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 USA

Visorama: A Complete Virtual Panorama System

Visorama combines hardware and software components to provide a natural and immersive interaction with virtual panoramas. The system includes an authoring environment well suited for panorama-based virtual worlds.

Andre Matos
Luiz Velho
Jonas Gomes
Andre Parente
Heloisa Siffert
Rua Duque Estrada 31 Apt. 606
Rio de Janeiro, RJ CEP 22451-090 Brazil

Remote Reality Demonstration

Discussion/demonstration of a system that combines 360 x 210-degree field-of-view, full-motion video with frame-rate warping and a HMD to create a geometrically correct, model-free immersive environment.

Terrance E. Boult
EECS Department
Lehigh University
19 Memorial Drive West
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015 USA

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