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Colliding, Caving & Coloring

Andrew Glassner
Microsoft Research

Collision Detection Framework Using Model Simplification

A framework that automatically exploits output of a simplification algorithm to construct bounding volume hierarchies for collision detection. Preliminary experiments show very encouraging results.

Tiow-Seng Tan
Ket-Fah Chong
Kok-Lim Low

National University of Singapore
Department of Information Systems & Computer Science
Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119260

Virtual Reality
Optimizing Stereo Video Formats for Projection Based Virtual Reality

Many of today's high-end, projection-based virtual reality systems generate frame-interleaved video for stereoscopic equipment. Integrating LCD shutter glasses, high-end graphics computers, and large-scale projectors is difficult. This sketch identified problems discovered as part of the VR efforts at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory and offers solutions.

Gary Lindahl
Tom DeFanti
Dan Sandin
Greg Dawe
Maxine Brown

Electronic Visualization Laboratory
University of Illinois at Chicago
851 South Morgan Street, Room 1120
Chicago, Illinois 60607-7053 USA

3D Painting for Non-Photorealistic Rendering

The 3D Expressive Painter is an interactive, expressive 3D painting and rendering system intended for use in production of hand-drawn natural-media-style animations. By using some imported scene geometry, created in a general-purpose modeller, the system allows interactive placement of paint strokes in 3D. The user is able to rotate the scene, select a suitable viewing angle, and paint from the desired direction, with the depth values for the stroke positions calculated from the imported scene.

Daniel Teece
Regent Court
211 Portobello Street
Sheffield S1 4DP
United Kingdom

Visually Representing Multi-Valued Scientific Data Using Concepts from Painting

Layers of varying brush strokes visually represent 2D images of multi-valued scientific data. Example visualizations display up to eight values simultaneously so that they can be understood in context.

David H. Laidlaw
David Kremers
Eric T. Ahrens
Matthew J. Avalos

California Institute of Technology
Computer Graphics Lab
Mail Stop 139-74
Pasadena, California 91125 USA

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