Conference Main
Lively presentations of interesting new ideas, unique collaborations, late-breaking results, works in progress, and novel applications of computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Sketches were presented in four categories:

Late-breaking results, fresh ideas, useful insights, and works in progress. Technical Sketches were lively, less formal gatherings that delve deeply into technical issues.

Computer graphics applied to real-world problems. Application areas included education, industry, government, and research labs.

Art, Design & Multimedia
Graphic designs and artwork that utilize unique and interesting ideas. Art, Design & Multimedia Sketches provided a forum for creative exchange of ideas among artists.

The latest animation techniques, tales of production, and tricks of the trade. Animation Sketches also provided an opportunity to discover how selected pieces from the Computer Animation Festival were created.

Sketches Committee

SIGGRAPH 99 Sketches & Applications Call for Participation

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