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Diana Gromala
University of Washington

Synthetic Actors
It/I: Theater with an Automatic and Reactive Computer Graphics Character

"It/I" is an experimental play featuring a computer graphics character projected on screens. The character uses computer vision to recognize and react to the actions of the human actor.

Claudio Pinhanez
Aaron Bobick

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
20 Ames Street, Room E15-368C
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 USA

Designing with Words: a Model for a Design Language in a MOO

Design in text-based virtual worlds can be approached from a linguistic perspective. A model for a design language shows how words perform in these environments. This sketch presented a new scenario for design.

Anna Cicognani
University of Sydney

Developing the Interactive First Person P.O.V.: Using Characters as a Sensory Lens

This technique gives participants a close relationship with complex story characters by presenting a scene from directable first-person points of view, which illustrate the characters' physical and emotional perspectives.

Ella Tallyn
John F. Meech

Hewlett Packard Laboratories
Filton Road
Stoke Gifford
Bristol BS7 9JZ United Kingdom

Personal Computers as Performance Instruments

Performance art, by its nature, is more experimental and focuses on smaller audiences than traditional theater. Because they are widely available with accessible software, personal computers have the potential to be powerful tools in performance art.

Lucia Grossberger-Morales
103 Natoma #5
Santa Barbara, California 93101 USA

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