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Group Sex and Other Collaborative Efforts

Sara Diamond
Banff Centre for the Arts

Exquisite Fun: A Digital Sketchbook

An ongoing three-year-old collaboration between two artists using computers to develop imagery stored on a shared disk. This source material outputs in formats ranging from traditional art show to garden installation.

Peggy Reinecke
10314 Rockbrook Road
Omaha, Nebraska 68124 USA

Rebecca Hermann
5610 Hickory Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68106 USA

Electronic Remapping: Body Augmentation in the Electronic Age

As our collective culture and physical bodies coalesce with technology there is an essential and traumatic remapping of our psychological networks. Two recent electronic installations by Bill Hill.

Bill Hill
Florida Southern College
9506 Waterford Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32217 USA

Interactive Poem

Through the process of exchanging words between a computer poet and humans, Interactive Poem allows the user to build an improvised poem filled with inspiration.

Naoko Tosa
ATR Advanced Telecommunications Research Lab
2-2 Hikaridai, Seika-cho, Soraku gun
619-02 Kyoto, Japan

Virtual Scenery in Broadcast Television: The Time 100 Project at CBS Television

Integration and collaboration of real-time scenery development and broadcast television production in the CBS News/Time 100 Project.

Ann Latham Cudworth
CBS Design and Production
530 West 57th Street, Room LE-2
New York, New York 10019 USA

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