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Virtual Reality
Emerging Technologies

Dave Zeltzer
Sarnoff Corporation

Virtual Reality
Virtual Fishtank

The Virtual Fishtank is a large, real-time 3D exhibit that immerses visitors in a fanciful undersea world where they create and interact with fish while learning about emergent behavior.

Henry Kaufman
Brian Knep
Aubrey O. Francois
Tinsley A. Galyean
Stacy Koumbis

Nearlife, Inc.
147 Sherman Street, Suite 102
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140 USA

Virtual Reality
Solve et Coagula: Mating Man and Machine

Solve et Coagula is primarily an attempt to give birth to a new life form: half digital, half organic. Through a multisensorial, full-duplex sensory interface, the installation networks the human with an emotional, sensing and artificially intelligent creature.

Stahl Stenslie
c/o Telenor R&D
Instituttveien 23
2007 Kjeller, Norway

Virtual Reality

Diorama is an augmented-reality project in which virtual 3D objects are placed in real-world environments. The goal is to create a system that allows people to build an imaginative parallel universe superimposed on their everyday space.

Karrie Karahalios
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
20 Ames Street, e15-466
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 USA

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