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Kurt Fleischer

TVML (TV Program Making Language)

This sketch reported on software called TVML Player that can produce full TV programs in real time by interpreting a script written with TVML, a newly designed description language.

Masaki Hayashi
Multimedia Services Research Division
NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories
1-10-11, Kinuta, Setagaya-ku
Tokyo 157 Japan


A multi-platform, language-independent 3D modeling and animation system with VRML compatibility that is easily integrated with languages including TCL.

Patti Koenig
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
5849 Buena Vista Terrace
Los Angeles, California 90042 USA

Animation & Special Effects
Previsualization for "Starship Troopers:" Managing Complexity in Motion Control

How computer-based previsualization tools were used to accurately design, plan, and execute "Starship Troopers:" visual effects scenes involving numerous motion control set-ups and hundreds of miniatures.

Colin Green
Pixel Liberation Front
1316 1/2 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice, California 90291 USA

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