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Virtual Reality
Training and Simulation

Marc Kessler
University of Michigan

Virtual Reality
Applying Depth-of-Field Effects to Power Substation Simulation System Using Virtual Reality Technique

This experimental study was conducted to apply depth-of-field effects techniques to an indoor distribution substation simulation system in an attempt to improve the sense of distance.

Koichi Arai
Shigenobu Furuta

The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc

Arata Watanabe
Noboru Kamizi

Toyo Information Systems Co.,Ltd.
9-1, Toyotsu-cho, Suita
Osaka, 564-0051 Japan

Virtual Reality
Coupled Models for Visualizing Respiratory Mechanics

An interactive virtual environment for simulating cardiopulmonary mechanics. The environment integrates 3D anatomy reconstructed from CT scans with novel mechanical models of physiology.

Jonathan M. Kaye
Dimitris N. Metaxas
Frank P. Primiano, Jr.

University of Pennsylvania
200 South 33rd Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 USA

Virtual Reality
Language through Gesture in a VRML World

This sketch evaluated the visual clues required to communicate linguistic meaning through gesture in an interactive environment. It reviewed the results of human testing of two avatars designed to teach American Sign Language in a VRML-based world.

Sarah Geitz
Chae-hi Park
Diane Brentari

Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana 47906 USA

Stephen Maher
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, Maryland USA

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