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Mixing the Real and the Synthetic

Gabriel Taubin
IBM T.J. Watson Research

Synthetic Actors
Hairstyle Simulation System

A hairstyle simulation system that automatically fits a stored hairstyle image to a captured face image. The target hairstyle image is adjusted in accordance with face-feature data and is then transformed by an image-warping operation to fit the face image.

Kazunori Miyata
Department of Imaging Art, Faculty of Arts
Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics
2-9-5 Honcho, Nakano-ku
Tokyo, 164-8678 Japan

Panned/Zoomed Landscape Video Sequences Composited with Computer-Generated Still Images

This sketch presented panned/zoomed landscape video sequence images that are well matched with photorealistic computer-generated still images of large-scale constructions by considering camera distortion and a TV interlaced-scanning system.

Eihachiro Nakamae
Faculty of Engineering
Hiroshima Institute of Technology
2-1-1 Miyake, Saeki-ku
Hiroshima 731-5193 Japan

Xueying Qin
Guofang Jiao

Sanei Co.

Przemyslaw Rokita
Warsaw University of Technology

Katsumi Tadamura
Yamaguchi University

Yuji Usagawa
Chugoku Electric Power Co.

Synthetic Actors
Virtual Stage: An Interactive 3D Karaoke System

Virtual Stage is an extended karaoke system based on virtual reality technology. Participants sing along to the song and interact with the virtual characters in a virtual environment.

KeeChang Lee
ChangWhan Sul
SungJoon Hur
KwangYun Wohn

373-1 Kusung-Dong, Yusong-Gu
Taejon 305-701 Korea

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