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Bugs 'n Space

Joshua Pines
Industrial Light & Magic

Animation & Special Effects
Starship Troopers

In its first large-scale foray into all-CG production, Tippett Studio relied exclusively on computer-graphic technologies to model, animate, light, and composite 225 digital bug shots, some with thousands of bugs.

Craig Hayes
Tippett Studio
2741 10th Street
Berkeley, California 94710 USA

Animation & Special Effects
Starship Troopers
Execution of the major battle sequences and establishment of the Starship fleet's presence as air cover and troop transport involved creation of 122 visual effects shots and utilized thousands of elements and a vast combination of techniques including digital composites, scale models, pyrotechnics, stop-motion animation, practical elements and in-camera effects enhanced, expanded, and supported by digital animation, compositing, and model work.

Walt Hyneman
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Animation & Special Effects
The PDI Crowd System for ANTZ

The computer graphics techniques used in the production of crowd sequences in the upcoming feature film "ANTZ" co-produced by PDI and DreamWorks SKG.

Luca Prasso
Juan Buhler
Jonathan Gibbs

Pacific Data Images
3101 Park Boulevard
Palo Alto, California 94306 USA

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