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Animation & Special Effects
Lizards & Liners Chair
Jonathan Luskin

Animation & Special Effects
Titanic and Digital Character Animation

Digital character animation was a primary accomplishment of the visual effects created for "Titanic." The work integrated performance capture and "rotocapture" as the basis of digital extras and digital stunt people.

Daniel Loeb
Andre Bustanoby

Digital Domain
300 Rose Avenue
Venice, California 90291 USA

Animation & Special Effects
Wiring Cracker: The Mechanics of a Non-Anthropomorphic, Real-Time, Performance Animation Puppet

The dark art of "wiring" exposed: creative mapping techniques used to construct an expressively versatile, non-humanoid, real-time performance animation monster.

Mike Morasky
Protozoa, Inc.
2727 Mariposa, Studio 100
San Francisco,California 94110 USA

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